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i was engaging in a barroom brawl

I ship so many Grey’s threesomes…

Like Callie/Mark/Lexie…

And Alex/April/Jackson…

And Leah/Stephanie/Shane…

And Ben/Bailey/Eli…

I have problems.

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1. Eat whatever the heck you want when you want. Doesn’t manner if it’s animal, vegetable, mineral, or if it’s been passed through the intestinal tract of a camel. Just. Eat. It.
2. Be a bitch whenever you feel like it. Don’t be shy. Consider a points-based system for avoiding charity collectors, school acquaintances or similar. Smell the sweet scent of victory.
3. Don’t pretend you’d rather do a hot yoga class than binge watch Game of Thrones if it’s not the truth, and vice versa. Be true to yourself, not the hipster you want to be.
4. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
5. Have as much or as little sex as you like. Be as freaky or as tame as you like. Masturbate for a whole week if you want. If people call you names, evil eye them until they shrivel up.
6. Allow yourself to be an stressed cat, not a wood nymph.
7. Experience righteous anger at any or all of the following: people who queue jump, people who overtake because they can, people who put their bags on bus/train seats.
8. Get up late. Tell that freaking sunrise where to go.
9. Go to bed late. Tell that freaking sunset where to go.
10. If you don’t like taking advice from someone called Nell with a super long coffee order and a dreamy way of looking at the world, don’t. Tell her you set fires for fun, and watch what happens.
~ Ten Non-Condescending, Non-Douchey Suggestions for Happiness.
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Chuck x Blair Playlist + Too Late [x]

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Chuck x Blair Playlist + Season of Love [x]

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it’s been a long time coming, but i’d just really like to take the time to thank every one of my followers and friends for sticking around with me over the course of all my grey’s feels, teary liveblogs, and general fanfiction nonsense!

i’ve recently hit my next thousand followers so i figured i would do this to show some sort of thanks. i talk to most of you, but if i don’t and i’ve tagged you, it means i’ve always admired your blog from a far. 

**there are hundreds i follow that i didn’t get to put on here but it doesn’t mean i don’t love your blog**


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**special thanks to cristinayangismyhero for the ff gif and every other gif/theme she’s ever helped me with**

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I have just finished reading the entirety of 'Mercy West' (up to this point). Just wanted to say that it is absolutely AMAZING. I'm completely hooked!! Just one side note, and this is a genuine (not rude, i hope) question...why are you so concerned with being a doctor and 'woman of science' when you're so clearly amazing/talented at writing?

That’s wonderful to hear, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Long may it continue (or at least, may it continue for at two more chapters).

I take your question as a very big compliment, please don’t worry. The fact of the matter is, for all it sounds trite, I want to help people. I’m arrogant enough to imagine myself someday having enough knowledge and skill to save lives, and marrying that with the compassion I believe I also possess. I’m a fixer, I fix things, always have done, and I never chase after the things that come easily to me. I’m a huge masochist, so I pursue the things that challenge me, and I do my best to master them, and I’m determined as hell. I may not be the best at these other things, but I will try the hardest.

On the other hand, I do still hope to write my books, and I do hope to get them published, but even J.K. Rowling got turned down by publishers at first. I don’t have the resources to only write and not do anything else, and I need to move out and get a life and be on my own as well as do what I love.

Possibly I have a God complex about saving people’s lives. Possibly I want to find something useful to do with my freakishly small hands.

Besides, do you know how few women there are in surgery, despite the huge intake of women in sub-Oxbridge med schools? Someone has to represent (but I remain, dear anon, hugely flattered and truly touched that you think I’d be wasting my talent doing something more academic than wasting it doing something non-academic, like most people. Yay you).

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Wicked! Elphaba Thropp [INTJ]

Ni: Elphaba dreams of becoming the right hand of the wizard; she has an idealistic view of him that is shattered when she discovers the truth about him. Her emphasis on the future possibilities makes it hard for her to live in the moment or connect with her more grounded scholarly counterparts. Once disillusioned with the policies and practices of Oz, Elphaba turns her dreams toward liberating Oz from the wizard, and helping the resistance.

Te: She intends to make a difference in the world, and do it through traditional methods. Elphaba is purposeful, driven, focused on the task, and intent on achieving her goals. Every choice she makes is to promote her vision in some way. Leadership comes easily to her and she becomes an organizer in the resistance.

Fi: Her individuality shines through in her determination to be different from everyone else. Elphaba refuses to sacrifice her personal beliefs to please others – she resists the wizard’s attempts to influence or control her. She takes it personally when he manipulates her into revealing a spell that will allow him to have even more control over the animals of Oz. She chastises Glinda for not having the courage to be an individual and choosing popularity over doing what is right. Elphaba makes up her own rules.

Se: Fiery and passionate, Elphaba makes quick decisions in the moment that at times have unforeseen and disastrous consequences – from teaching the monkeys to fly to casting a spell to protect her lover from death. She is practical yet impulsive.

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